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Your Calling Plan

Calling Plans and line rental

Our Calling Plans help you save on the calls you make the most – just choose one that suits how you use your phone.

Find out more about Calling Plans and line rental Winner – Best Broadband & Home Phone uSwitch Broadband Awards 2013 Winner – Best Broadband & Home Phone
uSwitch Broadband Awards 2013

Get a new landline

Get a new landline

Need a new phone line? Order one online – it's quick, easy and there's no connection charge when you take broadband as well. And you decide when to have your line installed – just choose the most convenient day for the engineer to come.

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Calling Features

Calling Features

Get more from your home phone with Calling Features to take your messages, help protect your privacy, stop unwanted calls and much more.

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BT SmartTalk

BT SmartTalk App

Start to save money on expensive calls from your mobile

BT customers could save money on expensive mobile calls like 0800, 0845 and 0870 with the new BT SmartTalk app.

You could even make savings on calls to the UK from abroad, or make calls without using any Pay-As-You-Go mobile credit, by accessing your BT calling plan from your smartphone.

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Cheap international calls

Cheap international calls

Call far-flung friends and family with cheap international calls. Choose between discounted calls to all 236 international destinations, or inclusive calls to 36 international destinations with discounted calls to the remainder.

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Switch your calls

Switch your calls

You don't need to tell your current provider that you're switching your landline phone service, we'll do that for you so you don't lose your connection. We'll also do our best to get you switched over in 11 days and you can usually keep your phone number.

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BT telephones

We know what makes a great home phone – that's why so many of our handsets are award winners. Choose one from our range.

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Call tariffs and charges

Want to know how much it costs to phone UK to Tanzania on the weekend, or an 0845 number in the evening?

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