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BT Cloud is FREE for BT Broadband customers. Activate your BT Cloud account today. Simply log in or sign up to My BT to get started.

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Back up for peace of mind

  • Secure, private and automatic backup
  • Keeps an updated copy of important files, folders and photos from all your devices
  • One location for all your content

Access content anywhere

  • View, edit and upload files on the go with BT Cloud Sync
  • Break free of Operating System limits – compatible with Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone 8 devices
  • Start working on a file on one device and continue it on another

Share your memories

  • Share files and whole folders with friends and family via email, Facebook and Twitter
  • Easy sharing for files and albums that are too large to send by email
  • No more USB cables – all you need is BT Cloud and an internet connection

How much free storage you get

How much storage you get is dependent on what BT Broadband package you have.

5GB with Broadband, Unlimited Broadband, BT Infinity 1, Unlimited BT Infinity 1

50GB with Unlimited Broadband extra, Unlimited BT Infinity 2

Music storage *Based on 4Mb audio files
1,280 audio files 12,800 audio files
Video storage *Based on 500Mb video files
10 video files 102 video files
Photo storage *Based on 1Mb photos
5,120 photos 51,200 photos
Document storage *Based on 2Mb documents
2,560 documents 25,600 documents

More details More details

Less details Less details

Upgrade your BT Cloud storage

You can choose to upgrade your BT Cloud storage allowance with an extra 50GB or 500GB, on top of your free inclusive storage.

1 month

+50GB for £3 a month

Add 50GB data to your current storage allowance

1 month

+500GB for £9 a month

Add 500GB data to your current storage allowance

Customer reviews

"50GB, simple log in process, and syncs like a dream. I can view files and folders on all 4 of my devices quickly and easily. Compared to iCloud, I can store more "non essential" iOS data on BT Cloud whilst leaving my 5GB iCloud for iOS updates to ensure my customisations aren't lost!"
– Ben Ellis 27/03/2014

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How to set up BT Cloud

How to set up BT Cloud

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