Broadband usage

Learn all about broadband usage and how much data allowance you need per month. Each BT Broadband option has a different monthly usage allowance, so it's easy to choose the package the best suits you.

What does broadband usage mean?

What does broadband usage mean?

When you use the internet you are uploading and downloading data. This is your broadband usage. The three main factors that affect your broadband usage are:

  • The number of devices accessing the internet
  • Amount of time you spend using the internet
  • What you do on the internet

Some internet activities require more usage than others. For example video streaming takes up much more data than browsing a simple web page.

Keeping track with your broadband usage

Keeping track with your broadband usage

Our usage monitor is a great way to help you keep track of how much data you are using. You can access the usage monitor through My BT. Just log in and scroll down the page to see your products, and a link to view your broadband usage.

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How much broadband can I use?

Each BT Broadband option has a different monthly usage allowance, so you can choose the package that best suits your needs.

We'll send you an email when you get close to your usage allowance so you know if you are reaching you limit. If you exceed your usage allowance, your service won't stop working, but you'll be charged a little extra (£5.30 per 5GB – rising to £5.64 on 01/12/2014). If you are regularly going over your usage allowance, you can always upgrade to a broadband option with a higher usage allowance.

Don't worry, using BT TV, BT Cloud or BT Broadband Talk doesn't add to your usage limit.

Also, great news if you're a sports fan. Any content you watch or stream via the BT Sport app and online player using your BT Broadband connection will not count against your broadband usage limit, so you can enjoy great live sport without the worry.

Looking to increase your usage allowance?

Learn about upgrading your broadband

10GB monthly allowance: for light users 20GB monthly allowance: for everyday users
music storage *Based on 4MB music files 2,500 songs 5,000 songs
movies storage *Based on 700MB movie files 14 movies 28 movies
photos storage *Based on 1MB digital photos 10,000 photos 20,000 photos
documents storage *Based on 2MB document files 5,000 documents 10,000 documents


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