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It's simple to get IT sorted with BT Tech Experts*. Our fully trained, UK based experts are here to help you 365 days a year. If you need any help just give us a call.

BT Tech Experts subscription

BT Tech Experts

It's simple to get IT sorted with BT Tech Experts. Our friendly and knowledgeable advisors are available every day to help you get the most from your gadgets and gizmos.

How we can help you

When things go wrong with your technology it can be frustrating. Our expert advisors can fix problems or give you demonstrations as if they were in the room with you. Here are some of the things we can help with:

  • Getting more from your gadgets – Set up smartphones, eReaders, printers, cameras and get help installing software.
  • Security – assistance with virus detection, removal and protection.
  • Protecting your family online – Set up parental controls to stay one step ahead of your kids and get advice on surfing the web safely.
  • Backing up your most valuable memories – Keep your files secure and back up your favourite photos, music, videos and more.
  • Upgrading your gaming experience – Make the most of your internet connection for the ultimate gaming experience.

You'll be able to choose one of two subscription options :

  1. BT Tech Experts Total Tech Support (£10 a month) – get help with all your tech and devices, including security and home networking for complete peace of mind. Includes a free annual PC health check worth £80.
  2. BT Tech Experts Computer Support (£8 a month) – get help with your computer. Includes a free annual PC health check worth £80.
Get BT Tech Experts subscription

FREE computer health check

Computers are like cars, they need a service every once in a while to keep things running smoothly. We've thrown in a free computer health check worth £80 to make sure your computer is set up for the best possible performance.

Here's what's included with your free health check:

  • Check for computer viruses and malware
  • Tidy up your computer by deleting unnecessary files
  • Download the latest system updates to get up to date

Meet our experts

Here's a quick introduction to some of the experts you might chat to when you call BT Tech Experts

  • BT Tech Expert – Johnny

    Name: Johnny

    Favourite gadget: Samsung Galaxy tablet

    Expertise: Wireless networking

    Hobbies: Football and running

  • BT Tech Expert – Anna

    Name: Anna

    Favourite gadget: iPod

    Expertise: Parental control set up and Skype

    Hobbies: Shopping and holidays

  • BT Tech Expert – Nasyeem

    Name: Nasyeem

    Favourite gadget: Samsung Galaxy S2

    Expertise: Internet security and virus removal

    Hobbies: Sports and music

  • BT Tech Expert – Geoff

    Name: Geoff

    Favourite gadget: iPhone

    Expertise: Broadband and computer optimisation

    Hobbies: Darts

Here's what our customers say about our service:

"Rasheida proved herself to be a most competent, highly skilled and intelligent lady, and one with patience and understanding when dealing with a senior citizen!" Mr S Adlington

"The person I spoke to was very helpful and sorted the problem out, there is nothing he could have done better, he was polite and friendly, which made me comfortable, and not feel an idiot about the computer" Mr A Clarke

"He is FANTASTIC!! A credit to the company. I have to deal with the public in my job every day just like he does but he talked through everything he was checking and sorting listened to what I had to say HE IS THE MAN! wish he worked for me …" Mr A McCutcheon

"Anthony was excellent, very knowledgeable, an extremely approachable young man, answered all my questions and made sure I was aware of any follow up help I may need" Ms. Rosemary Collins

The legal stuff

BT Tech Experts – The service we agree to give you is:

  1. a telephone based help facility giving you dedicated expertise to answer queries or problems you may have with your hardware, operating systems and applications;
  2. a remote diagnostics facility to solve problems with any PCs that you have registered with us;
  3. a remote 30 minute computer health check;
  4. any other facilities as described at

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to solve all problems reported by you or that we will be able to advise on all service related issues. We are not responsible for: any failures in the supported applications and operating systems that cannot be resolved using the service; repair or replacement of any equipment that we diagnose as faulty during the service; or any consequences of your failure to correctly follow our advice and recommendations.

The service has a minimum period of three months. If you end the service early you will have to pay the rental charges for the remainder of the minimum period. The charge for BT Tech Experts Total Tech Support subscription is £10 per month and BT Tech Experts Computer Support subscription is £8 per month. The charges for the pay as you go service are £30 and £80 depending on the support you require.

The service is subject to a reasonable use policy. If the service is used regularly for more than 120 minutes per week we reserve the right to apply further appropriate charges to your account.

* Previously known as Home IT Call

See full terms and conditions

What can BT tech experts help me with?

Service Details Price
Computer set-up
  • Setting up usernames and passwords
  • Configuring settings and automatic updates
  • Customising your settings
Computer health check and optimisation
  • Get your computer running smoothly
  • Check for viruses and or malware
  • Tidy up your computer by deleting unwanted files
  • Get up to date by downloading system updates
Parental control set-up
  • Keep your children safe on the internet
  • Set up parental controls to block and control access to unsuitable content
  • Limit the amount of time your children spend online
  • Block or monitor social networking sites
Virus/spyware removal
  • Check for and remove viruses and or spyware
  • Advice on staying safe online
Get gaming
  • Set up your games console and your home hub for online gaming
Speed optimisation
  • Improve your internet speed
  • Optimise your connection for the best performance
Home networking
  • Wireless connection for all your devices
  • Link your devices to get the most out of them
  • Share files throughout your home
Software installation
  • Help with installing a software program
  • Advice on the best products for you
Technology set-up
  • Help with connecting all the technology in your home
  • From smartphones and printers to digital cameras and more
Software support
  • Help with fixing software issues
  • Tutorials and advice around using software
Data backup
  • Keep your videos, photos and documents safe
  • Help using Digital Vault to protect your files
  • Advice on using external hard drives and CDs to store data


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