New look BT Vision

New look BT Vision

How is the new look BT Vision different?

The new look BT Vision will make it even easier to find what you want to watch when you want to watch it, all wrapped up in a fresh new look and layout.

  • It's easier to navigate: We've changed the look of BT Vision to make it easier to find your way around. So you can get to what you want quicker.

  • You can browse and watch: Search the TV Guide while you're watching a programme, so you don't miss a thing.

  • You'll get recommendations: We'll suggest programmes and films based on what you like watching.

  • Make your own music and kids playlists and watch and listen to more of the music and kids programmes you love.

  • Bookmark your programmes: Add On Demand programmes to your bookmarks list then come back to watch them later.

If you want to know more about the new features go to our dedicated help answers, or if your BT Vision has already been updated go to the new look BT Vision page.

What do you need to do?

Watch all of your recordings as they'll be lost when your BT Vision is updated. Make a note of any scheduled recordings or series links, so you can easily set them up again.

Ensure your Vision service is connected to your Broadband. Also, keep your BT Vision+ box on standby – even if you're not using it, as we'll make the update overnight.

If you've got ESPN, leave your viewing card in the box.

Switch on your hub and replacement box at the mains and complete the 5 to 10 minute set-up process on screen.

If the update starts while you're watching TV, please let it finish.

Why am I moving to the new look BT Vision service and what's changing?

We've listened to your feedback and BT Vision is getting a new look with lots of new features.

It'll be easier for you to find what you want to watch, when you want to watch it. There's also a whole heap of extra features like being able to set up a Music playlist and bookmark On Demand programmes. On top of all this, we've wrapped everything up with a fresh new look we're sure you'll love.

We're gradually moving all our customers over to the new look service, but we'll contact you about a month before so you know what to expect.

What's changing

The first thing you'll notice is that the background and the presentation of programmes are different, with a fresh new look and layout. It's now even easier for you to find what you want to watch.

You'll also never be stuck for something to watch as we'll offer recommendations based on what you've been watching and what others who share your taste have checked out.

You can also bookmark On Demand programmes you want to come back to and enjoy another time, and create a playlist of your favourite music.

And the best thing about the new service is that it won't cost you a penny extra!

Why can't I see my recordings?

To make the new service available, we need to remove the old software from your BT Vision+ box, including your recordings. Copyright and data protection laws protect all your recordings, so unfortunately when we upgrade your box, we can't copy your recordings and transfer them back to you. You can watch many of your favourite programmes using catch-up TV. This gives you a selection of TV programmes from the last seven days from:

  • BBC iPlayer
  • ITV Net Player
  • 4OD
  • Demand 5
  • ESPN (if you subscribe to this channel)

Can I still turn subtitles and audio description on and off using the shortcuts button on my BT Vision remote control?

BT Vision offers both subtitles and audio description on Freeview TV programmes that broadcast them, but not on On Demand programmes.

There are two ways to switch on subtitles or audio description for Freeview channels:

  1. Temporary switch: Press the # button on your remote control to toggle subtitles on or off and the * button to toggle audio description on or off. This setting will be lost when your BT Vision+ box is put into standby or switched off.

  2. Permanent switch: Under Help & Settings, then Accessibility Settings, you can choose to set subtitles and audio description as on or off. This preference will remain even after your BT Vision+ box is put into standby or switched off.

How do I know what my BT Vision PIN is?

All customers must choose a new PIN as part of setting up BT Vision. We advise you to use the same PIN you had on your previous BT Vision service so that it's easier to remember, but you can choose anything you like. You can change this by selecting Set a PIN at any time under Help & Settings, then Parental Control, as long as your BT Vision+ box is connected to your broadband.

I've been given a date for moving to new-look BT Vision but it's not convenient – can I change it?

Due to system updates this is not possible, but don't worry you do not need to be present for the migration to complete, just leave your BT Vision+ box on standby the night before your migration date. If you leave box on standby and connected to your Broadband, when you next use your box, the update will have happened automatically and you'll be taken through setting up your new look service. If you don't want to leave your box on standby, when you next switch it on, your box will start to update right away.

Help and Forums

If we haven't answered all of your questions about the update, why not visit our help pages or try our forums.

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When will you update my BT Vision?

  • We'll give you plenty of notice, and send you reminders as you get closer to the update.
  • 30 days before you'll get an on-screen message through your BT Vision service
  • 21 days before you'll get a letter or an email giving you more details about the update
  • 14 days before we'll leave you a recorded message on your home phone
  • 12 days before you'll get an on-screen reminder
  • 4 days before you'll get a final on-screen reminder