Home move checklist

If you're moving home soon you're probably starting to realise how much there is to do and worried about forgetting something. Our checklist will guide you through the coming weeks and ensure you are all set for a stress-free home move.

6 weeksbefore the move

  • Move your BT services to your new home quickly and easily online Top tip You can tell us about your home move as soon as you have confirmed your move date – the sooner the better.
  • If you rent your home, now's the time to give your landlord notice
  • Pick a removal firm and set a date for the move Top tip Try to get at least three quotes and don't automatically accept the cheapest; you tend to get what you pay for. You can get a list of approved removers from the British Association of Removers.
  • If you're not using professional removers, start asking friends to block out time to help you
  • Make sure your possessions are fully insured in transit, either through your removal company or by your contents insurance
  • Book temporary storage for anything you are not taking with you straight away
  • Declutter – get rid of anything you no longer need on eBay or donate to a charity shop

3 weeksbefore the move

  • Start packing non-essential items into boxes – it'll save you time later
  • Let your gas and electricity suppliers know you're moving
  • Tell your water supplier that you are moving
  • Tell your doctor and dentist if you're moving out of the area Top tip Find out which doctors are taking new patients near your new home and find out how to register on the NHS website.
  • Check your home insurance – make sure you're covered from your move day
  • Change the address of your TV licence Top tip In most cases you can simply change the address of your TV Licence online, up to three months before you move. You just need your TV Licence number.
  • Redirect mail to your new address to help prevent identity fraud
  • Let any regular milk or food suppliers know your move date

1 weekbefore the move

  • Arrange for someone to look after children or pets Top tip Make sure your pets have got tags with their new address on them ready on the day you move
  • Make a list of everyone who should know about the move and start contacting them Top tip Remember to tell your bank, credit card, pension providers, DVLA, Inland Revenue, employers, schools, electoral register and local council. Most importantly, tell all your family and friends!
  • Make sure your removal firm has all the right details about your new home
  • Round up the keys to your current home from friends and neighbours
  • Arrange a time to collect your keys to your new home from the estate agent

MOVERelax & enjoy your new home


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and print it out to tick off the tasks you've completed.

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