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  • How much does it cost to install a new phone line or reconnect an old phone line?

    Connection is completely free for all customers taking a broadband or TV package.

    Some customers may have to pay a connection charge. This is £50 for activating an existing line. It's £65 for installing a new line (online special offer, normally £130). We'll let you know if a charge applies when you start your order and we'll add the special offer automatically.

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  • Do I have to have a phone line?

    Yes, your phone line is so much more than just telephone calls – it gives you access to our fast broadband and amazing digital TV (you need a BT line to get these services).

  • How much is line rental?

    There are two ways to pay your BT landline rental. During your order, you can choose either:

    1. £15.99 every month (rising to £16.99 on 01/12/2014)
    2. £13.32 a month equivalent, when you pay 12 months in one advance card payment of £159.84 (rising to £169.90 on 01/12/2014) with Line Rental Saver.
      • Save over £30 per year
      • Get the convenience of paying by Direct Debit
      • If you already pay monthly BT line rental you can switch to Line Rental Saver when you order
      • Save paper with paper-free billing

    Important information:

    • Payment is non-refundable
    • If you already pay monthly BT line rental you can switch to Line Rental Saver when you order

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  • I'm a cable customer, can I keep my phone number?

    Yes, in most cases you can keep your phone number. Follow these instructions:

    • Choose a package, click 'Start your order' and enter your phone number on the first step.
    • If we can transfer your phone number we'll let you know on your order summary before you reach the order checkout and if it's not possible, we'll give you a new number in your confirmation letter.
    • It's important that you stay connected with your cable phone company until we've activated your phone line.
    • If you don't already have a suitable BT line in your property we will arrange for an engineer to install one when you place your order.

  • How can I know if I already have BT sockets in my home?

    The best thing is to check whether you can find any phone sockets in your home (make sure you try less obvious places like under the stairs!) Then take a look to see if a BT logo appears on the front of the socket box. Alternatively, continue with your order online where we'll perform a simple line check to see whether you have a phone line with us or not. Just enter your postcode on the 'Start your order' page to get going.

  • How much are calls?
  • Can I transfer my old number to my new address?

    If you're moving within the same telephone exchange area (e.g. Lincoln 01522) it may be possible for you to keep your current phone number – we'll let you know when you start your home move. If you need a new number, we can arrange for your current number to be redirected – just choose Caller Redirect when you place your order and we'll do the rest. More information about our home move service.

  • How can I make calls with BT?

    To make calls with BT, you need a BT phone line plus a BT Calling Plan. There are three calling plans available:

    Unlimited Weekend Calls

    • £0 extra a month

    Unlimited Evening & Weekend Calls

    • £3 a month

    Unlimited Anytime Calls

    • £7.50 a month

    You also need a telephone. You can get great discounts on BT phones when you select a phone when you order.

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