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  • What is BT TV?

    BT TV brings you Freeview channels, catch up TV and thousands of on demand TV shows and films. Our set top boxes let you pause and record your favourite TV shows – ready to watch when you are. You can also skip Extra TV channels*, bolt on channels and BT Sport channels forward 60 seconds and backwards 15 seconds so you'll never miss a thing. Plus, rewind your favourite Freeview channels. There are two TV packages available – TV Essential and TV Entertainment.

    Box Office movies are available with both packs from £3.50 each.

    If you're in an Infinity area you can also add:

    • Extra TV channels*
    • Kids Extra and HD Extra channels
    • BT Sport Pack which includes BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, ESPN all in SD and HD (you will need an HD TV)
    • Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2 and Sky Sports 5

    *BT TV Entertainment: 98% of Infinity customers can get TV Entertainment. Check to see if you can get it..

  • What do I need to get BT TV?

    To get BT TV, you must have:

    • BT broadband or BT Infinity with a minimum line speed of at least 2mb. Check your speed here. If your line speed isn't fast enough try our Broadband Accelerator service.
    • If you can't get Freeview TV, you'll still be able to use BT TV's on-demand and interactive services. BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, ESPN, Extra channels, and Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2 and Sky Sports 5 are only available to BT TV customers who are on or take a BT Infinity package. If you can't get BT Infinity, you could get BT Sport with BT Broadband.
    • SCART (supplied) or HDMI cable (to enjoy HD) to connect your YouView or BT Vision+ box to your TV
  • How can I get BT TV?

    There are two ways to get BT TV:

    1. With TV Essential, for just £5 a month, you get:
      • A YouView+ box (Vision+ box with Sky Sports)
      • Free BT Sport with BT Infinity (or with BT Broadband if you can't get Infinity)
      • Up to 70 Freeview TV and radio channels
      • Pause and record TV channels
      • BBC iPlayer plus catch-up on ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5
      • On-demand bolt ons from £3 each
    2. With TV Entertainment*
      • You get everything that's included with Essential, plus extra channels including Comedy Central, Fox, Discovery, MTV and more. You can also add HD Extra and Kids extra for £3 each for additional channels.

    If you have BT Infinity and BT TV you can also add BT Sport HD channels, Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2 and Sky Sports 5.

    Find out more here

    *BT TV Entertainment: 98% of Infinity customers can get TV Entertainment. Check to see if you can get it..

  • How do I get the BT Sport Pack?

    There are 3 ways to watch BT Sport:

    On BT TV
    If you have BT TV and BT Infinity you can enjoy BT Sport for free. If you can't get BT Infinity, you could get BT Sport with BT Broadband. And if you get a BT Infinity package, you can add HD channels for just £3 a month.

    On Sky Digital Satellite Platform
    If you have a satellite receiver box and viewing card, you can easily take BT Sport from us. You don't need to be a BT customer – but if you have our broadband, it's FREE. And it's only available direct from BT.

    On our app or online player
    Stream the action to your PC or Mac, or use the BT Sport app to watch it on your tablet or smartphone – all for free with BT Broadband!

  • What can I watch on BT Sport?

    Barclays Premier League
    38 exclusively live Barclays Premier League matches, including 18 top picks.

    Aviva Rugby Premiership
    All 69 live Aviva Premiership Rugby matches only on BT Sport.

    FA Cup on ESPN
    25 exclusively live matches all the way through the competition, plus the FA Cup final.

    Scottish Premier League and Scottish Football League
    30 exclusively live Scottish Premier League matches plus 10 Rangers matches from the Scottish Football League.

    UEFA Europa League
    Live coverage of up to 176 UEFA Europa League matches.

    Football from around the world
    Hundreds of top-flight league football matches from around the world, including Italy, Germany, France, Brazil and the US.

    Women's Tennis Association
    Live coverage from 21 global tournaments, including the season-ending WTA Tour Championships.

    Moto GP
    Exclusive live rights to all the Moto GP races of the season from 2014.

    Ultimate Fighting Championship
    Exclusive rights to show all the Live UFC events from August 2013 until August 2016. Over 30 live events per year including all the UFC World Championships.

    Red Bull Extreme Sports
    Over 100 hours of Red Bull Programming including the premium Live events of Red Bull Crashed Ice and Red Bull X Fighters as well as the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series.

    As long as you have an Infinity and TV package you can watch BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2 and ESPN.

  • How do I get Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2 and Sky Sports 5?

    Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2 and Sky Sports 5 are available with a BT Vision+ box only. BT Infinity is required.

    Please note: Sky Sports 3, Sky Sports 4, Sky Sports News, Sky Sports F1, HD and 3D are not currently available on BT TV. Sky Sports add-ons will only be sold to Vision+ customers who are on or take a BT Infinity package.

  • How do I know if my aerial is suitable?

    If you are currently watching Freeview channels through your aerial and are happy with the quality, then your current aerial is likely to be suitable, however we strongly advise that a rooftop aerial is the best way to have a consistently good service and get the most possible number of Freeview channels which are available in your area*. Loft aerials may be suitable in some areas.
    Portable aerials are not suitable for use with BT TV and are prone to provide poor reception and fewer channels.
    You cannot use a satellite dish to receive Freeview channels via BT TV.
    As a general guide, if your aerial is over 10 years old then it may not be suitable for Freeview reception.

    Read more about Freeview channels

    We are unable to remotely diagnose the quality of your aerial. Freeview reception and the number of channels available at your premises is outside of BT's control including proximity to your local transmitter, the direction in which your aerial is pointing, quality of your cabling and local geography (hills, trees, etc).

  • What if I don't have an aerial?

    BT offers an Aerial Installation service that you can select once you start your order.

    In order to be eligible for an Aerial Installation Service you need to meet the following criteria:

    • You must be able to receive some Freeview channels in your area.
    • Property is no more than 2 storeys high
    • Property is not listed or within a conservation area unless the owners have suitable permissions
    • Permission has been granted by the landlord, owner or agent managing the property
    • Property is in UK mainland or Northern Ireland
  • Do I have to pay an activation fee for BT TV?

    Customers have to pay a £35 activation fee for BT TV which covers the intial setup costs.

  • What is on BT TV?

    BT Player on demand packs are available with TV Essential and TV Entertainment. Choose from a fantastic selection of kids shows and the latest music videos on demand.

    There are 7 days of TV catch up from across BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5 all available to watch on your TV.

    See what's on

  • Can I watch BT TV in more than one room?

    Extra Box is a new service from BT which gives you an additional YouView+ box to watch BT TV in another room, at the same time. You can watch all the channels and the Catch-Up and On-Demand services that you can view on your main box.

    You'll need the following to get Extra Box:

    • BT Infinity with speeds of 23Mbps or more
    • An Extra Box subscription
    • Two YouView+ boxes from BT
    • A separate aerial connection for your second YouView+ box. We can help if you need an aerial or additional connection points

    For £99 you get an additional YouView+ box and an Extra Box subscription which gives you all your BT TV services on your additional YouView+ box for £5 per month.

  • Can I take BT TV without BT broadband?

    To get BT TV, you must have BT broadband. To move your broadband to BT and take BT TV, simply choose one of our get value TV packages. Click here to see our TV, Broadband and Phone packages

  • If I take BT TV will you cancel my TV service with Sky/Virgin?

    You will need to ensure your existing service is cancelled.

  • Can I record TV with BT TV?

    Yes – you can record up to two live shows at one time.

  • Does BT TV receive HD Channels?

    HD On Demand films are available on BT TV. There's also a selection of Freeview HD channels including BBC One HD, BBC Two HD, ITV1 HD and channel 4 HD available to watch on YouView from BT.

    Add the HD Extra bolt on for HD entertainment channels including Fox HD, Nat Geo Wild HD, Comedy Central HD and MTV HD. HD Extra is available with our Entertainment pack and BT Infinity.

    You'll need to connect your set top box to a HD ready TV. We'll send you the HDMI cable you need.

  • Can I take BT TV with my current (Non BT) Broadband supplier?

    No – you need to take BT Broadband to watch BT TV.

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