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BT Netprotect Plus

BT NetProtect Plus

Broadband Extra, Unlimited Broadband Extra, Infinity Extra and Unlimited BT Infinity packages include BT NetProtect Plus online security as standard. Alternatively, if you opt for Broadband, Unlimited Broadband or BT Infinity 1, you can add it to your package for only £3.49 a month (rising to £3.70 on 01/12/2014), plus get the first month free!

The features include:

  • Go online without the worry

    Anti-virus and anti-spyware to protect you and your computer from malicious software.

  • Keep intruders off your computer

    Our firewall is a secure barrier to keep unwanted intruders out.

  • Shop, bank and trade online securely

    High-security systems to keep you safe from phishing emails and other forms of identity theft.

  • Protect up to 7 PCs or MACs

    Network Manager makes sure all the computers on your network are fully protected.

  • Freedom to browse safely

    SiteAdvisor® lets you know where it's safe to go online with a traffic-light rating system.

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BT Parental Controls

BT Parental Controls

We've created BT Parental Controls to help you keep your children safe online. From your home PC to tablet devices – any device connecting to your home internet connection will be protected!

The features include:

  • Protection anywhere in the home

    BT Parental Controls applies to any device connecting to your home hub.

  • Peace of mind on the go

    BT Parental Controls also applies if you connect to any of our 5 million BT Wi-fi hotspots.

  • Completely customisable

    Set your filter level so it suits your family.

  • Set filter times

    You can set your filters to turn on, and off, at the times you set.

  • No software to download

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BT Family Protect

BT Family Protection

Parental controls allow you to set up safe boundaries online. BT Family Protection lets you choose the level of protection for each family member on every computer in your home.

The features include:

  • Block websites

    Stop your kids viewing inappropriate websites.

  • Set time limits

    Manage how much time your kids spend online.

  • Instant alerts

    Receive email alerts when your children try to view blocked sites or post confidential information.

  • Social networking

    Use our tools to control the use of social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

  • YouTube filtering

    Prevent exposure to unsuitable video content.

  • Usage reports

    Monitor and review your children's online activity, from anywhere in the world.

  • Safe searching

    Restrict content returned by search engines.

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