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Our most Reliable wireless
Dual-band technology

Reliable wireless

New Smart set-up On any device. CD free.

Smart setup

Easy Wireless Connect with the push of a button


Faster Processor Brain power for your hub


Smart Diagnostics For a smarter Home Hub


Sleek Design Thin and beautiful


BT Home Hub 4 Wireless Router

With smart dual-band technology it gives you an outstanding performance with BT
Broadband. Here are some of the great features it offers.

Reliable wireless connection

Smart dual-band technology which reduces wireless interference and drop out giving you our most reliable connection for all your devices with BT Broadband.


Upgrade your computer's wireless ability

If you have an older PC or laptop it may not be compatible with dual-band technology. The BT Dual-Band USB Wi-Fi Dongle is a plug in adaptor which will ensure you can get the full benefits of our Smart dual-band technology. Simply select one as part of your order.

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Smart setup

Easy set up in just a few minutes. No CD or computer needed, it's all online and works on any device. Set up your Home Hub 4 router and access all your free extras like BT Cloud and BT Family Protection in just a few clicks.

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Easy Wireless

Connect wirelessly by selecting your Home Hub connection on any compatible device and push a button on the Hub and you're connected. It's that simple. No passwords needed.

How does this work?

On the top of the Hub is a WPS connection button which automatically connects any compatible device attempting to connect to the Hub. Great for sharing with friends when they come round.

But don't worry if your device doesn't support WPS we've provided you with a clever wireless pass key on the back of the Hub with all the details you need to get connected.

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Faster Processor

Inside the BT Home Hub 4 router is our latest Broadband processor – the brains of your Hub. It allows you to pass information between connected devices quicker than ever. So if you are transferring files from one computer to another or watching a film streamed from another device, the BT Home Hub 4 won't slow you down.

Smart diagnostics

The BT Home Hub 4 router features smart diagnostic lights which automatically check your Hub and alert you to any problems.

Sleek design

The BT Home Hub is sleek and slim, looks great anywhere in your home and takes up hardly any room. It fits through most letterboxes so you don't even need to wait around for it to arrive.

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The legal stuff

Wireless connection – The BT Home Hub 4 uses Dual Band technology which uses both 2.4Ghz or 5.0Ghz wireless bands to help avoid interference from non-wifi devices. It also has Smart Wireless technology, which selects the best wireless channel and alternates between them to help avoid interference from wifi devices. Your home environment may affect the range of your signal.

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