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It's easy to get a new BT landline, reconnect or switch your calls to us

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All our telephone lines come with a Calling Plan or Broadband & Calls package.

To get started, choose a Calling Plan or package and enter the postcode where you want the phone line installed, or the phone number you want switched or reconnected to BT. You'll need your bank details and your address details for the past two years.

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Switching is easy

You don't need to tell your current provider that you're switching your phone line, we'll do that for you so you don't lose your connection. We'll also do our best to get you switched over in 11 days and you can usually keep your phone number, even if you're switching from cable.

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Installing your new phone line

When you order a new landline we check your property to see if we can connect you easily or if you need an engineer visit. Most customers get connection at no extra cost. Some customers may have to pay a connection charge. This is £50 for activating an existing line and £65 for installing a new line (online special offer, normally £130). We'll let you know if a charge applies when you start your order. If you're taking a broadband or TV package, connection is included at no extra cost.

It takes around 14 days to have your landline telephone connection installed, depending on how busy our engineers are, or a bit longer if you're also ordering broadband and TV.

If you need an engineer visit we'll give you the first available appointment – this will be the same whether you call us or order online. Or you can choose a later date (8am-1pm or 1-6pm) that suits you.

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