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How to switch your broadband, TV, phone or mobile:

How to switch your TV & broadband

Join BT TV and get amazing entertainment, get BT Sport Pack for £3.50/mth, and access to renting hundreds of blockbuster movies.
Start using our 5 million BT Wi-Fi spots as soon as you receive your order confirmation.

If you’re currently with Virgin Media, wait until your BT broadband is up and running before you tell Virgin Media that you want to switch. That’s the best way to avoid loss of service.

Sometimes an engineer installation might be needed to help optimise your speed but we’ll let you know when you order.

If your Home Hub is in a different room to your TV, you can also opt for an engineer to complete the installation. This is an additional £49. See below for further details.

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Select the relevant tab to find out more about broadband or TV installation:

How to install your broadband

Watch the video below to find out how quick and easy our broadband is to install

How to install your BT TV

You’ll need the following before you can install BT TV:

  • A good quality outdoor TV aerial

  • A strong digital TV signal

  • A BT TV YouView set-top box

  • A BT Home Hub with a speed of at least 2.2MB

  • Go cable-free

  • BT Broadband extenders allow you to connect your BT TV set top box to your BT Home Hub without extensive cabling.

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Engineer installation

If your Home Hub is in a different room from your TV you can opt for an engineer to do the installation. This is an additional £44.

  • The engineer will install an Ethernet (network) cable from your BT Home Hub to your set top box.

  • The cable will be surface mounted (on skirting boards) and they may need to drill holes.

  • The engineer will provide you with all cabling options available before starting any work.

* Your broadband equipment, if required will arrive two days before your TV activation date.

** If we’re providing a set top box as a part of this order, we’ll write or send an email to you after you’ve placed your order to confirm where we’ll post it to you or the engineer will bring it with them.

*** The engineer is unable to run any cables outside your home above ground floor level (using ladders) or access your loft.

Aerial installation

How do I know if my aerial is suitable?

If you can watch Freeview channels already (with a reception you’re happy with), then your aerial should be fine. But if not, we recommend the following:

  • Rooftop Aerial
    We strongly recommend a rooftop aerial (or a loft aerial).
    They give a good service and as many Freeview channels as possible.

  • We do not recommend the following:

  • Portable Aerial
    Portable aerials give poor reception and often you’ll get fewer channels.

  • Satellite Dish
    You won’t be able to receive Freeview channels on BT TV with a Satellite dish.

Other things to consider

  • If your aerial is more than 10 years old, it might not be able to receive Freeview reception.

  • The quality of your Freeview service also depends on how close you live to your nearest transmitter, the direction your aerial is pointing in, the quality of your cabling and your surroundings (bottom of a hill, surrounding trees and/or buildings).

What if I don't have an aerial?

Not to worry, we can install it for you. Just select our aerial installation service when you start your order which costs £60. But here are a few things to bear in mind before you do:

  • You must be able to receive Freeview channels in your area.

  • Your property must be on the UK mainland or in Northern Ireland.

  • Your property can be no more than two storeys high.

  • Your property can not be listed or within a conservation area (unless you’ve been given permission).

  • If you’re renting, you’ll need permission from your landlord, owner or managing agent.

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