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Enjoy 20 must have channels*

with TV from BT

18 Extra TV channels

a month

£5 a month for the first 6 months, then £22.45 +
£15.99 line rental

Extra TV channels

Whatever type of TV you like and whatever your mood, there's something to suit everyone – from Two and a Half Men on Comedy Central to Deadliest Catch on Discovery. Plus documentaries on History, wildlife on Animal Planet and gripping reality on E! Available with TV Entertainment and BT Infinity.

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Add channel bolt ons from £3 each

All options are available on a one month contract so there's no long term commitment

6 months

HD Extra

HD Extra

Get your favourite TV channels in high definition for stunning picture quality and glorious detail. Free for 6 months, then £3 a month. If you add HD Extra with BT Sport you'll also get BT Sport in HD at no extra cost.

a month

Kids Extra

Kids Extra

Watch the shows kids love on their favourite channels. There are a great selection of channels to watch including Disney, Boomerang and Cartoon Network. Plus, enjoy on demand kids' shows at the touch of a button.

a month

Sky Movies

Sky Movies

Add Sky Movies for hundreds of movies from box office hits, to all-time classics and family favourites on Sky Movies Disney. Enjoy these movies across 11 dedicated live channels, plus, watch whenever you want, on demand.

Extra channels and channel bolt ons are available with

TV Entertainment and BT Infinity

TV Entertainment

and BT Infinity

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Not all lines in fibre enabled areas can support the fibre service. Visit to see if your line can.

*BT TV Entertainment: 98% of Infinity customers can get TV Entertainment. Check to see if you can get it.

The legal stuff

BT Sport Online – UK residential broadband customers only. BT broadband customers can watch BT Sport online at home with a minimum line speed of 400kbps. To watch BT Sport online elsewhere you need 3G/4G/wifi (charges may apply). To watch BT Sport at you need Microsoft Silverlight. The BT Sport App works on iPhone (3GS and above), iPad (iOS 5.1.1 and above) & selected Android devices with OS 4.1. Max. 2 devices simultaneously. BT Sport is free for new and existing customers. Major League Baseball not available online. e-billing required. UK only. Terms apply.

BT Sport on BT TV with BT Infinity – BT Sport is available on BT TV for new and existing BT Infinity customers who sign up for 12 months or have 12 months remaining on their contract; ongoing renewal needed to get discounted BT Sport. Sport on BT TV requires BT Infinity and a compatible box from BT – fee £35-£299 may apply. Check to see if you can get BT Infinity at e-billing required. UK only. Terms apply.

BT Sport on BT TV with BT Broadband – BT Sport 1, 2 and ESPN available in standard definition on BT TV for new and existing BT broadband customers who can't get Infinity. Existing customers must re-contract or have 12 months remaining on their contract. Sufficient line quality and speed (min 5.25 Mbps for existing customers and 6.5 Mbps for new customers) required. You can only watch/record one sport channel at any given time. Compatible box from BT required, fee of £35 – £199 may apply. Terms apply.

BT Sport on Sky Digital Satellite Platform – BT Sport is also available on the Sky Digital Satellite Platform for all new and existing BT broadband customers who sign up for 12 months or have 12 months remaining on their contract; ongoing renewal needed to get discounted BT Sport. Sky box and active viewing card required. If you don't have BT Broadband you'll need to pay £13.50 a month plus a one off £15 fee. Excludes Multiscreen. e-billing required. UK only. Terms apply.

HD TV pack £3 a month. Requires HD ready TV & cabling. To watch HD on Sky Digital Satellite Platform, customers need a black satellite receiver box. Terms apply.

Broadband Special Offers – If you've got a broadband special offer, you'll keep it on the same terms you originally agreed to – including when it ends. The basic price of BT broadband stays the same: and that's what you'll pay when any special offer stops.

TV Entertainment £30 for BT Infinity. £49 activation for TV & BT Infinity. £6.95 hub delivery charge. BT TV Entertainment available to new BT Infinity customers, signing up for 18 months that pay £5 a month for 6 months, then £7.45 monthly. You'll need a fast enough line, BT Infinity and a BT line. A 10m cable will be provided or you'll be charged £35 if an engineer install is needed. You'll get a YouView box (unless you're taking Sky Sports too) but if you stop your service in the first year we will charge you up to £199. You'll need to pay by Direct Debit. Availability of digital channels and quality of content depends on local transmitter and suitable rooftop aerial ( We'll charge you for on demand content and HD/[blockbuster/box office] films not included in your bolt-on(s). Bolt-ons available on a one month minimum term. Monthly charge of [£3 Music on demand / £3 HD Extra channels / £3 Kids Extra channels]. 11 Sky Movies channels plus video on demand bolt–on available to BT Infinity customers only. Excludes Sky Movies Premiere+1, MGM and may exclude subsequent channel launches. Available on a one month minimum term, for £16 a month. Scrollback loads of BBC, ITV, C4 & C5 content. HD on demand requires suitable HDMI cable, a HD ready TV and 5Mbps minimum line speed for streaming. Subject to availability. Terms apply.

6 months free HD Extra bolt-on available to new TV Entertainment customers with Infinity. You'll need an HD ready TV & cabling. £3 a month from month 7. One month minimum term if you don't cancel the service.

BT Infinity 1 No calls are included in this package. Existing BT call plan may be affected. Introductory offer ends 22/12/14. For new BT Broadband customers that sign up for 18 months and pay BT line rental. You'll pay £17.50 a month from month 19. Non- offer price will be £5 a month for 6 months then £15 for 12 months. 20GB usage limit. A BT Home Hub is included. You'll need to pay by Direct Debit. There's a £30 activation charge and a £6.95 delivery charge for the Hub. Subject to availability, Minimum line speed and computer specification. Terms apply.

Line Rental – You can pay for your line rental either by direct debit for £15.99 a month (Rising to £16.99 on 01/12/2014) or £47.97 a quarter (Standard Line Rental) or by paying £159.84 (Rising to £169.90 on 01/12/2014) by credit/debit card for 12 monthly payments in advance (Line Rental Saver) which is equivalent to £13.32 a month. You'll need to pay any additional call charges by Direct Debit. You'll receive e-billing. Connection charges may apply for new connections and there's a 12 month minimum term. You can change your mind about paying early and cancel Line Rental Saver within seven working days of your order and you will get a full refund but you won't get a refund if you cancel after that. Exclusions and conditions apply.

*Calls of up to 1 hour to 01, 02 & 03 numbers, excluding Channel Islands. Other exclusions apply. Calls to 0871 cost a max. of 10.2p per minute plus 15p set-up fee; (Rising to 15.97p on 01/12/2014) calls to 070 cost no more than 51p per minute, with a max. set-up charge of 51p (see for our full tariffs).

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