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How to claim your Sainsbury's Gift Card

To claim your Sainsbury's Gift Card, please make sure:

  • You ordered your BT Broadband or BT Infinity online at

  • Your BT Broadband or BT Infinity service is already up and running

If your BT Broadband or BT Infinity isn't up and running yet, please wait before claiming your Gift Card.
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{{label}} † Factors affecting individual lines may mean that in a very small number of cases, broadband service may not be available. BT will always try to provide service but will advise you if this is not possible
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You could get

Fibre broadband

{{estDownloadRange}} Estimated download speed* range
{{minGuaranteedSpeed}} Minimum speed guarantee*
{{estDownloadSpeed}} Estimated download speed*

Standard broadband

{{copperEstDownloadRange}} Estimated download speed range*
{{copperMinGuaranteedSpeed}} Minimum speed guarantee*
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Estimated speeds

{{estDownloadRange}} Estimated download speed* range
{{minGuaranteedSpeed}} Minimum speed guarantee*
{{estDownloadSpeed}} Estimated download speed*
More about these speeds Less about these speeds

* BT always offers you the best speed possible on your line. Typically 80% of customers receive speeds within or above this range. The speed prediction we have given here is an estimate, however download speeds can vary and the actual download speed will fall within a range. The BT broadband range is an indication of the speed that other similar lines across the UK have achieved for their broadband service.

The actual speed depends on several factors such as the product option you choose, the processing power of your computer, how many people are using your broadband connection at the same time, whether you use a wireless or cable connection, the speed of the websites that you visit and the performance of our network. Speeds to be lower at peak times – peak times are evenings and weekend.

In the first ten days you may see your speed go up and down. When using a postcode only (rather than a telephone number) the checker results are less accurate. We use a best guess of where you live based on the centre point of the postcode and not the exact routing of the line to your address, and so the result must be treated with caution.

Where we’re able to provide a date for future fibre availability, it is indicative only and subject to change.

We'll let you know when BT Infinity fibre broadband is available in your area

BT Infinity is available in your area but due to a high demand there is currently no capacity left at your local cabinet. There will be a waiting period until we can activate the service.

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Read about the fibre optic roll-out

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Our broadband

Voted Most Popular Broadband Provider - uSwitch Broadband Awards 2017

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Speed (up to) Speed(up to)
{{ package.old_speed ? package.old_speed : ' '}} {{ package.speed }}

Why does broadband speed matter?

The faster your broadband connection (measured in Mb, or megabits per second), the more you can do in less time. Pages are faster to open, files download quicker, videos play more smoothly, and you can get more people at home online at the same time.

Light use
Moderate use
Heavy use
Streaming media content

Online videos and music websites like YouTube,
Vimeo and Spotify

HD Movies and catch-up TV
(like Netflix HD)

HD and Ultra HD Movies and catch-up TV
(like Netflix HD)

Household size

1 or 2

1 to 4

1 to 4 or more


Everyday browsing like shopping, banking, checking emails and social media

Monthly Usage Monthly Usage
{{ package.monthly_usage }}

What does unlimited usage mean?

With an unlimited broadband package, you can use the internet as much as you like. But if your broadband package has a usage limit, you've only paid to use the internet a certain amount. If you want to use more internet, you'll have to pay a small charge, or upgrade to an unlimited broadband package.

Light use
Moderate use
Heavy use
Monthly usage





10 hours of video

20 hours of video

Unlimited videos


1 Standard Definition film & 10 Albums

1 Standard Definition film & 20 Albums

Unlimited downloads

BT Hub BT Hub
{{package.bt_hub}} BT Smart Hub
the UK's most powerful wi-fi signal
vs major broadband providers

The UK’s most powerful wi-fi signal

The all-new BT Smart Hub has arrived, and it gives you the most powerful wi-fi signal in the UK. What does that mean? Fewer signal black spots, and faster speeds in hard-to-reach rooms.

If you choose standard BT broadband, it comes with the super-reliable BT Home Hub 4. But you can easily upgrade to the BT Smart Hub for just £65 when you order.

BT wi-fi hotspots BT wi-fi hotspots
FREE access to 5 million BT wi-fi hotspots

FREE access to 5 million BT wi-fi hotspots

When you're out and about, you'll have free, unlimited access to more than 5 million BT Wi-fi hotspots. Get online for as long as you like, without eating into your monthly data allowance.

BT Cloud Storage BT Cloud Storage
{{ package.bb_cloud_storage.value || '—'}}

What is BT Cloud?

Use BT Cloud to store, back up and share your photos, music and files with friends and family. You can use any internet-connected device to access your files, and you can upgrade your storage space at any time.

















Online Security Online Security

Safer as standard

Now all BT packages include online security

All our Broadband packages come with the latest security features included.

For complete protection both offline and online, download BT Virus Protect onto your PC, Mac or Android phone or tablet, or share with friends and family.

You can also activate BT Web Protect at the click of a button to prevent phishing attacks and virus infections while online in the home or in a BT Wi-Fi hotspot.

In addition you'll get BT Parental Controls, which helps keep your family safe from unsuitable content while they're online.

You'll also get True Key to generate and store unique and strong passwords to log in to your websites and apps in a hassle-free way.

For more information visit

BT Sport BT Sport
Add BT Sport for FREE on
BT TV until 31st July

Catch unmissable action

BT Sport is the only place to watch all the UEFA Champions League live, plus the Premier League, the FA Cup, Aviva Premiership Rugby, European Rugby Champions Cup, MotoGP™, UFC and much, much more.

You will be able to watch all the following on BT Sport:

BT Sport free on BT TV until 31st July or £5/mth with Broadband when you watch on Sky, via the app or online. Pick your Sport option on the next step.

3 ways to watch
BT Sport:

  • On BT TV
  • On your Sky TV service
  • On the BT Sport app and online
Inclusive Landline Calls Inclusive Landline Calls

Get a better home phone deal

When you get broadband from us, you'll need to get a BT phone line too because that's how we deliver your broadband. Our home phone deals are terrific. You can add unlimited weekend calls, unlimited evening and weekend calls, or unlimited anytime calls to UK landlines to your package when you select and personalise.

Call Protect Call Protect
Prevent nuisance calls for FREE

What does it do?

BT Call Protect helps you stop unwanted and nuisance calls

  • We'll stop the top offenders automatically
  • You can create and control your own blacklist
  • It's free and easy to set up
Online exclusive rewards Online exclusive rewards
{{package.offer_lozenge.logo}} logo
Hurry! Offer ends

How does the BT Reward Card work?

The BT Reward Card is simple and easy to use. We load it up with money, and you can spend it on things like everyday purchases or shopping.


It's preloaded with money, so you just need to activate it and then you can start spending


It can be used at millions of places across the world (anywhere with a MasterCard logo). There are just a few exceptions that are stated in the T&Cs

It uses Chip and PIN, so it's more secure than spending cash

BT Reward Card
{{ package.display_strikethrough ? '£' + package.display_strikethrough + ' /mth': ''}}
{{ package.display_strikethrough ? 'NOW' : ''}} £{{ package.bb_total_cost }} Δ /mth
12 month contract includes BT Line rental
Price after 12 months: £{{ package.price_after_contract }}
Upfront £{{ package.bb_up_front_fee }}
{{ package.contract_length }} {{ package.display_strikethrough + ' /mth' }}
{{ package.display_strikethrough ? 'NOW' : ' '}}
£{{ package.bb_total_cost }} Δ /mth
Broadband £{{ package.display_price }}/mth + Line rental £18.99/mth
Upfront £{{ package.bb_up_front_fee }} Hub delivery £{{ package.hub_delivery.value }} +
Activation fee £{{ package.table_activation_fee.value }} No activation fee

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