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Get the NEW BT Smart Hub

The UK's most powerful wi-fi signal vs major broadband providers

Turn your home into wi-fi heaven with the new BT Smart Hub. It's designed to give you superfast, reliable wi-fi even in those hard-to-reach rooms.

New BT Smart Hub
SAVE £64.99Δ
RRP£129.99 £65 £9.99 delivery charge

Exclusive price for BT customers only

Buy now
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Brilliant home wi-fi has arrived

Thanks to its massive power and clever tech, the BT Smart Hub can make a huge difference to getting online at home.

Now you can let people watch BT TV, stream videos and go online gaming - all at the same time. Those wi-fi signals go a long way too, so you can get online easily with a fast and reliable connection.

  • Powerful wi-fi

    The all-new BT Smart Hub has the power to give you wi-fi even in hard-to-reach rooms.

  • Superfast wi-fi

    The BT Smart Hub uses next-generation wi-fi standards to give you massive speed.

  • Get future-proofed

    The BT Smart Hub could support many home appliances as they become wi-fi enabled.

  • The helpful hub

    If the BT Smart Hub spots a problem, it will quietly reboot and make a fresh connection.

Do more with a BT Mini Hub

Supersize your wi-fi

Here's a great way to extend the reach of your home wi-fi. Just add a BT Mini Hub. It's a powerful wi-fi signal extender that works beautifully with the BT Smart Hub.

BT Mini Hub wi-fi signal extender
RRP£129.99 Buy one for only £69.99 £3.99 delivery charge

Exclusive price for BT customers only

Buy now
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Want wi-fi in more places?

Now you can extend the reach of your home wi-fi. The BT Mini Hub sends your home hub's wi-fi signal through electricity lines, then broadcasts again to cover those hard-to-reach places.

You can use as many BT Mini Hubs as you like, and build your home wi-fi so it covers every area you want.

  • Wi-fi in more places

    Use your BT Mini Hub to get wi-fi where you want. Maybe in the garden...

  • Fully compatible

    The BT Mini Hub works brilliantly with most hubs, particularly the BT Smart Hub.

  • Smart Tech

    The BT Mini Hub uses your home's mains electricity to carry your wi-fi signals.

  • Keep on adding

    You can add as many BT Mini Hubs as you like to build a big, reliable network.

BT Call Protect – stop nuisance calls for free

BT Call Protect helps you stop those unwanted and nuisance calls. It's easy to set up and manage online and via the home phone.

Full details

BT Call Protect allows you to divert nuisance calls to a junk voicemail in three different ways:

  • BT Blacklist

    We’ve identified a list of nuisance callers for you and calls from these numbers will be sent to your junk voicemail. And we’ll turn it on by default when you get BT Call Protect.

  • Personal Blacklist

    You can add the last call you answered or any other phone number via MyBT or your home phone, so that any future calls from those numbers also go to your junk voicemail.

  • Individual Call Types

    Individual call types - You can choose to send all calls from certain categories to your junk voicemail. The three call types are:

    • International numbers
    • Withheld numbers
    • Unrecognised numbers

Get the BT Sport app and online player

Get the BT Sport app

If you have BT Broadband and BT Mobile, you can get the BT Sport Pack on the app or to stream online FREE for 3 months, then £7/mth. Or if you're interested in BT TV, you can get the BT Sport Pack for as little as £3.50 /mth (or free with BT TV Max). Find out more.

Not yet activated?

Activate the BT Sport app and online player

Already activated? Download the app

App StoreGoogle Play
Full details

BT Sport

The only place you can watch
UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa League live

You can no longer watch these matches on ITV or Sky Sports

BT Sport 1 Channel logo BT Sport 2 Channel logo BT Sport 3 Channel logo BT Sport ESPN Channel logo

What’s in the BT Sport Pack?

Gary Lineker, Jake Humphrey and Rio Ferdinand will front the live UEFA Champions League coverage. Also joining the current BT Sport team are new signings Steven Gerrard, Harry Redknapp, Glenn Hoddle and Howard Webb.

What's new on BT Sport Europe

Plus you’ll also get 42 Premier League games live, The FA Cup, SPFL, Aviva Premiership Rugby, European Rugby Champions Cup, MotoGP™, UFC and much, much more.

Additional games and highlights on 7 BT Sport Extra channels, more than you get with BT Sport on Sky.

How to watch?

Simply download the BT Sport app on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. You can also stream online.

Watch today

You could be watching BT Sport in as little as 15 minutes.

Watch via BT Sport app or stream online as soon as your order.

Free BT Wi-fi

Get free unlimited internet access at any of our five million UK wi-fi hotspots. And when you go abroad stay connected with 18 million wi-fi hotspots worldwide.

Download the app and you'll be online in no time.

App StoreGoogle Play
Full details

BT Wi-fi features

Get online for free at more than 5 million UK wi-fi hotspots, and more than 13 million international hotspots

Need to
know more?
Visit our FAQs section
  • Hotspots all around
    Our hotspots are in shopping centres, restaurants, pubs, motorway services, cafes and more
  • Unlimited access
    Stay online as long as you like, without touching your data allowance
  • Find our hotspots
    Use our hotspot locator to see where you can get online with BT Wi-fi
  • Easy set-up
    Simply download the app from your app store and enter your BT ID to get setup

Free BT Cloud online storage

With BT Cloud you can back up and share your content online, and you'll be able to access it from anywhere with an internet connection. Download BT Cloud today and get started.

Full details
  • BT Cloud features
  • How much can I store?

Need to
know more?
Visit our FAQs section
  • BT Cloud
    Use BT Cloud to store and back up your precious photos, files and documents. It’s easy to share your files with friends and family, and it’s free for all BT Broadband customers
  • Download BT Cloud
    apple app storeWindows StoreGoogle Play
  • Back up for peace of mind
    BT Cloud lets you store your content online. It’s secure, private and automatic
  • Share your content
    It’s easy to share files, photos and albums with your family and friends
  • Multi device access
    Use BT Cloud with your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or your Android or Windows Phone 8 mobile
  • Need help setting up BT Cloud?
    No problem. Visit our Help section and we’ll show you how

How much can I store?

Your BT Broadband package comes with either 5GB, 100GB or 500GB of free BT Cloud storage.

Plus you can add an extra 50GB or 500GB storage.

  • £3 per month FREE for 1 month
  • £9 per month FREE for 1 month
  • 5GB storage space
    You'll have 5GB of free BT Cloud storage space if you've got:
    Broadband or Infinity packages that come with a monthly data usage limit
  • 100GB storage space
    You'll have 100GB of free BT Cloud storage space if you've got:
    Unlimited Broadband or Unlimited Infinity 1
  • 500GB storage space
    You'll have 500GB of free BT Cloud storage space if you've got:
    Unlimited Infinity 2 or above
  • What you can store in 5GB
    Your 5GB of space could store about 1,250 audio files or 10 video files or 5,000 photos or 2,500 documents. And you can upgrade your storage space too.
  • What you can store in 100GB
    Your 100GB of space could store about 25,000 audio files or 200 video files or 102,000 photos or 50,000 documents. And you can upgrade your storage space too.
  • What you can store in 500GB
    Your 500GB of space could store about 128,000 audio files or 1,000 video files or 512,000 photos or 256,000 documents. And you can upgrade your storage space too.

BT Web Protect

Our free online protection helps prevent viruses, scams and phishing attacks by warning you if you're about to visit a harmful website. It even works when you're out and about using one of our five million BT Wi-Fi hotspots in the UK.

  • Avoid threats from viruses, scams and phishing attacks while browsing online on your home BT broadband connection

  • Sign in to any UK BT Wi-Fi hotspot using your BT ID – and BT Web Protect will automatically kick in

  • Protect your devices that are connected to BT Broadband and UK BT Wi-Fi

  • Don't worry about downloading software – there's nothing to install, so you'll keep a speedy connection and won't lose memory

BT Web Protect
Full details

BT Web Protect

Have the freedom to browse the web without the worry with BT Web Protect

  • Warnings for harmful websites
    Have peace of mind that we'll protect you from viruses, scams and phishing attacks as we'll warn you if you visit a suspect website
  • Works on any device
    Helps protect your devices that are connected to your BT Home Hub so everyone in your household is covered
  • Whether you're home or away
    Even when you're out and about it will protect you on any BT Wi-Fi hotspots when you use your BT ID
  • Won't slow your speed
    You won't see any impact to your broadband speeds when you have BT Web Protect activated
  • FREE
    With any BT broadband package

Stay safe online with BT Virus Protect

Powered by award winning security experts McAfee™ Intel Security, BT Virus Protect offers protection from viruses and spyware for up to 15 of your PCs, Macs and now Android phones and tablets too.

Full details
  • Powerful features
  • System requirements

BT Virus Protect

  • Protect your information
    Anti-virus and anti-spyware will keep your computer safe from online attacks
  • Guard your identity
    Warning system to protect you against email phishing scams
  • Browse Safely
    SiteAdvisor® tells you which sites are safe with a simple traffic-light system
  • Protect up to 15 devices
    Make sure all your PCs, Macs and Android mobiles and tablets are fully protected
  • What does it cost?
    It's £4 a month with the first month free if you've got Broadband, Unlimited Broadband, Infinity 1 or Unlimited Infinity 1
  • Take advantage...
    of our new and easy way you can share your licences and install software with friends and family

BT Virus Protect

To use BT NetProtect Plus, you'll need one of our broadband packages and a computer that meets these minimum specifications.

  • Windows
    Supported browsers
    Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher
    Mozilla Firefox version 4.0 or higher
    Google Chrome
    Compatible operating systems
    Windows XP (32-bit only) with Service Pack 3 (SP3) or higher
    Windows Vista (32 and 64-bit) with Service Pack 1 (SP1)
    Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit)
    Windows 8 and 8.1 (32 and 64-bit)
    Technical requirements
    1 GHz processor or higher
    512 MB RAM or higher for Windows XP
    2 GB RAM or higher for Vista/Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1
    500 MB of available free drive space
    Internet connection
  • Mac OS
    Supported browsers
    Safari version 5.0 or higher
    Mozilla Firefox version 12.0 or higher
    McAfee SiteAdvisor is currently only supported by Firefox
    Compatible operating systems
    Mac OSX 10.7 or higher
    Technical requirements
    Apple Computer with Intel Processor
    2 GB RAM or higher
    300 MB of available free drive space
    Internet connection
  • Android mobiles and tablets
    Compatible operating system
    Android smartphones and tablet 4.0 or higher
    Technical requirements
    Minimum 52 MB space
    May require user to grant access to enable some features

Protect your family online
with BT Parental Controls

BT Parental Controls is free with any BT broadband package, and it lets you decide what content your family can access online.

Full details

Help keep your family safe online

Stay in control of what your family can access online with BT Parental Controls – FREE for all our broadband customers

  • Block undesirable content
    Use one of our 3 pre-set filters, or create your own, to control what your family can access
  • Works at home and away
    Safeguard devices that are connected to your BT Hub at home or to any UK BT Wi-fi hotspots when you use your BT ID
  • Set your filter times
    You can set your filters to be turned on and off at the times you choose
  • BT Family Protection
    Ideal if you just want to protect one specific computer at home Get BT Family Protection
  • Find out more

BT Mail

As a BT broadband customer you can sign up for free email with BT Mail. You'll get up to 11 email addresses, and each address comes with unlimited storage and in-built anti-virus protection.

Built-in anti-virus protection
Full details

Stay in touch with BT Mail

Need to
know more?
Visit our FAQs section
  • Unlimited storage
    Store all your emails and attachments without worrying about storage limits
  • Clutter-free inbox
    Organise your email the way you want
  • In-built virus protection
    Get warnings about malware that might be lurking in emails
  • Intelligent spam filter
    Automatically filters out unwanted mail
  • Send and receive attachments up to 25MB
    Big file to send? No problem!
  • Get access wherever you are
    BT Mail is web-based, so you can access it from any device that’s connected to the internet
  • Need help with BT Mail?

My BT App

The My BT app makes it easy to manage your account – it lets you check your broadband, mobile, landline or TV usage, as well as get a helping hand if you need it.

Download the My BT app

You can get the My BT app for your smartphone, iPad or tablet. To download, simply text MyBT to 81192 for a link, or get it from your app store.

App StoreGoogle Play
Full details

  • On the go access
    Check, download and pay your latest BT bill, view your usage, track your orders, change an engineer appointment and view your package – all from your smartphone, iPad or tablet.
  • Get a helping hand
    If you have a problem with your landline or broadband, you can access helpful FAQs, check the live status of BT services in your area, and restart your BT hub remotely.
  • Check your usage
    See how much you've used on all your BT products before or since your last bill. Check if you've made any calls outside your calling plan. View your broadband usage if you're on a limited package. See what TV and movies you've rented. And keep an eye on how much data you have left on BT Mobile.
  • Fastest access
    You'll need your BT ID and password the first time you log in to the My BT app. We'll then ask you to set up a PIN; this will make it easier for you to log in when you come back.

Here to help: BT Tech Experts

Our UK-based experts will help you make the most of your computer and gadgets, including set-up and security, 365 days a year. Subscriptions start from just £8 a month.

computer health check
Subscribe to Tech Experts
Full details

Make the most of your computer and gadgets

Subscribe to BT Tech Experts and our UK-based team will give you friendly help with just about any tech problem

Friendly UK-based
  • How we can help
    We’ll help you with things like online security, dealing with viruses, installing software, backing up your data and setting up a home network
  • Total Tech Support for £10 a month
    Help with all your tech and devices – from cameras and printers to smartphones and tablets
  • Computer Support for £8 a month
    Help with your computer setup – setting up all your technology for your PC or Mac

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